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Couple Board Game

$27.95 USD $50.00 USD Save $22.05 USD

😍 Ready to spice up your next game night with some adult-themed fun? Look no further than this "Couple Board Game"!

🎲 From seductive dares to tantalizing challenges, each game is carefully crafted to bring you closer together while igniting your passion!

✨Differing from the typical game, in this one, you purchase the task where the dice lands. When you buy a task, your partner must complete it. If your partner lands on the area you've purchased in the next game, they have to pay you the rent amount for that area. This way, you can accumulate more money and buy more tasks ;)

f your partner doesn't have enough money, you can make a small deal with them.

😏 So why wait? Elevate your game night experience with the Couple Board Game and discover a whole new world of excitement and intimacy with the one you love.

🛒Order yours today and get ready to take your relationship to the next level!


  • Handcrafted with love ❤️
  • Include: game board, rent cards, chance cards, community cards, and game money.

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Couple Board Game Couple Board Game Couple Board Game Couple Board Game Couple Board Game Couple Board Game