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🤣ExpressLED Mood Signal Light

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🚗Road Miscommunications Leading to Stress?: Ever find yourself misunderstood on the road? The ExpressLED Mood Signal Light is your voice on the highway. With its vivid LED lights and a collection of expressive gestures, you’ll convey your feelings clearly and avoid the frustrations of being misinterpreted. Keep the mood light and let your vehicle ‘speak’ for you.

🚗Simplify Road Communications with ExpressLED: Fed up with road misunderstandings? Say goodbye to frustration with ExpressLED Mood Signal Light. Let your vehicle speak your emotions clearly with vivid LEDs and expressive gestures, minimizing road stress.

🎮Intuitive Remote Control Operability: Effortlessly handle your ExpressLED with a handy remote control. Put an end to the distraction of manual signals—simply tap to display your chosen LED gesture. With remote access, your focus stays where it belongs: on the road ahead, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

Super Convenient Communication: Tired of waving your hand while driving to thank someone or showing your middle fingers when you see some silly driving skills? Now, no more! With just a touch of a button, you can communicate in the coolest way possible.

Flash The Finger: With the click of a button, you can communicate driver feedback in a safe and hilarious way.

Easy Set Up: The flix car light finger attaches to the interior back window while the remote attaches safely to the dashboard or keychain

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