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HOT SALE🔥Rose Bear Box with necklace Set🐻🌹(ONLY 40%OFF TODAY!!!)

$59.99 USD $99.99 USD Save $40.00 USD

Elevate your style with our exquisite jewelry box, elegantly crafted in the shape of a delicate rose. This gift box has a creative form that can be lifted and lowered. Perfect for storing your cherished jewelry pieces, it's also a thoughtful gift that combines the eternal allure of roses with the elegance of fine jewelry. Discover the fusion of nature and luxury in one enchanting piece.🎁💖

Product Features

  • Adorable Design: The cute bear shape adds warmth and charm to any decor. It’s both a jewelry box and a beautiful decorative piece. 🐻✨
  • Rotating Feature: Simply turn the button next to the bear's belly to reveal the hidden ring or necklace behind the eternal flower, adding an element of surprise and delight. 🔄💍
  • Eternal Flower: High-quality preserved flowers that are vibrant and textured, symbolizing everlasting love and beauty. No special care is needed to maintain their stunning appearance. 🌸
  • Multiple Colors: Available in six colors: Red, Light Blue, Purple, White, Pink, and Gray. Choose the one that best suits your style or preference. 🌈
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from eco-friendly resin, it’s safe, durable, and crafted with exquisite attention to detail. 🛡️🌿

Product Specifications

  • Materials: Eco-friendly resin, high-quality preserved flower
  • Size: Height 15.5cm, Width 13cm
  • Color Options: Red, Light Blue, Purple, White, Pink, Gray
  • Packaging: Comes with a beautiful gift box and dust bag 🎁✨


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Rose Bear Box with necklace Set Rose Bear Box with necklace Set Rose Bear Box with necklace Set Rose Bear Box with necklace Set Rose Bear Box with necklace Set